Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Welcome to Our Congregation's Web site

We are glad that you have visited our web site today and ask that you come back often.  If you do not have a church home or are just visiting the area we want to invite you to come and share with us in the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are located just 6 blocks East of the U.S.M campus.

Please click on the link below for directions.
 2001 Hardy Street in Hattiesburg, MS.   

Saint John is a PLACE where people gather to hear God's Word, celebrate the Sacraments, lift up their prayers and praises to God, and have fellowship with other like-believing Christians who have joined together in the walk of faith.  Saint John is  also a BASE from which people launch out into their homes, neighborhoods, friendships, work circles, and community to share the grace and truth of our God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—who wants all people to be saved.

Our Congregation was started in 1946 and for almost all of its history has been located at its present location. In our 64-year history we have been enriching the spiritual lives of people in the community and the USM campus.  Our pastor and people are committed  to an ongoing process of assisting people in experiencing a deep and growing connection between their faith and their everyday lives. 



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